PC Inner caves

2 Skeleton encounters. !st one larger than the second.

1st encounter.
8 skeletons – 400XP – 57 each.
After the battle the players should notice that all of the skeletons appear to have been soldiers in life, and that there are faint signs of an ancient battle here.

2nd encounter
6 skeletons – 300XP – 42 each.
After the battle the players should again note that the skeletons appear to have been soldiers.

Gm note to myself – both of these groups of skeletons were revived when the kobolds who escaped into the deeper cave area encountered the altar.

The Altar-
On the small outcropping in the middle of the pool of water.

This altar has ancient bloodstains on it, they are very faint and barely noticeable.
A religion check (DC 13) will reveal that there are symbols of several evil gods carved into the surface of the altar. (DC 15 – Bhaal, god of murder and Loviatar, goddess of pain are the only symbols still discernible.

Upon approaching it waves of darkness flows out of it in all directions. As the waves pass through the characters they feel a chill that penetrates to their bones. They are momentarily blinded. Their limbs feel weak. Must pass a Con save (DC 16) or fall to the ground overwhelmed.

After several waves they stop. – Unknown to the players this revives the captain as a Ghoul.

Moments after the first wave passes through them they hear a high pitched rather hysterical scream in the darkness. Anyone who speaks draconic hears “Oh god, not again.”

(It’s the kobold, Szerik, but the players probably don’t know that yet. If Szerik is with them he will try to stop them from approaching the altar. If unsuccessful he’ll run off into the darkness and they’ll find him bleeding out – but not dead – in the room where they fought the captain.)

Deeper in the in the cave is an encounter with 5 Darkmantles (p47 MM) 500XP – 71 each.

Szerik is aware that something is hiding in the darkness, but he doesn’t know what. Whatever it is has picked off his two friends one by one, leaving no remains.

He’s hiding (DC-11) in a small pocket just north of the small pool of water. Hiding is a bad word for it, it would be better to say that he’s cowering in a corner. He’s shaking uncontrollably and hugging himself. His clothes appear to have been sturdy and well made, although not expensive, but now are nothing more than rags.

PC Inner caves

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