Jarun is a primarily Dwarven city on Deepwater Bay. It is built into the seaside cliffs of the Jarun mountain range. There is a massive cave in the side of the cliffs houses the harbor and over the years the Dwarves have continued to expand it. A large portion of the city is built so that the rooms have windows on the cliffside, and these rooms tend to be cheaper as less light is needed for them. They stretch up and down the cliffs, and there are places where there are more than 50 levels to the city. Non-Dwarves who live and visit the city tend to prefer the cliffside rooms as do the merchants who deal with them. The rest of the city is built around the harbor and stretches deep into the rocks. This is one of two cities with gates to the Underdark, the other being Haraway.

Jarun is ruled by Makon, Beholderbane, of the Silverhammer clan. There are several towns in the upper reaches of the Underdark that are also part of his kingdom. It is an absolute monarchy, however each of the major clans in the city provide an adviser to the throne, and he often takes their words to heart. At this time there are 6 major clans present in the city; Silverhammer, Granite, Wyldfire, Seaworthy, Diamondcutter, Battlehammer. Silverhammer, Granite, and Diamondcutter are mountain clans and the other three are hill clans.

This city is known for jewelers, weaponsmiths, and armorsmiths. Brilliant gems are brought up from the Underdark and fashioned into beautiful jewelry that sells at absorbent prices.

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